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Tomer Ovadia
Junior Division
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Website Description
I conducted my research first by reading all the sources I had and knowing as much as I could about women's suffrage. This was a very important step, because there are many events that happened in the suffrage fight, and they're hard to remember. When I finally knew everything well, I started my web site. I had previous knowledge on web site building, but just the basics, and I never made a real full web site before. So I started working piecemeal on the project, putting together each page separately first. I gathered as many pictures as I could from the Internet, then scanned from the books. This part was mostly labor and not much thinking. But when I started writing The Women Suffrage Story, it definitely took a lot of thinking. I ended up with around 3500 words. I had put most of the information that would be commonly read by someone studying women's suffrage, and had written the women's suffrage story the way that I had remembered it well. The Timeline and Responsibility of Voting weren't too hard. But the best thing about the project was that I knew so much about my subject. With a little practice, I was successful in making a web site that looked somewhat (although not too close to) professional.

I chose the subject of voting, first of all, because it fit in the category perfectly. The world has a long history of people trying to earn the right to vote. This would fit the "rights" part easily. Then, there was the "responsibility". One of the more unimportant debates in society is whether it is a responsibility of a citizen to vote, or a right, or maybe even a privilege to vote. The rights and responsibility parts could be linked together through the struggles towards women's suffrage. I describe this in the Responsibility of Voting section. The second reason I chose this subject is because voting, in today's younger society as I see it, is enjoyable. This subject, as you could see, fits perfectly into the requirements of HDLA. VOTES FOR WOMEN